Here’s what you need to do to win more business, and it’s really simple

The race to win a new customer isn’t won with a single blog post, a single video, a single radio advert, a single networking event or single social media post. The customer is won by consistently turning up EVERY DAY with some form of content aimed at your target prospect. The keyword here is consistently. […]

The top 5 elements of a great marketing strategy

When it comes to writing a marketing there are some key elements that add massive value. The key to a great strategy is the research, so we thought we give you the inside track as to what are our ‘must haves’ when devising a marketing strategy. Audience Understanding who your audience are is vital to […]

What TNTs can you do in your business TODAY to WOW your customers?

I was first introduced to TNTs during a stay at a Red Carnation Hotel in London. The term then reappeared in a Podcast by Mark Mcculloch (Food and Drink Marketing Specialist) when he was interviewing the MD of the hotel group, Jonathan Raggett. Firstly, what are TNTs? The term simply stands for Tiny Noticeable Things. […]

Why should your business have a marketing strategy in 2019?

It’s no surprise we’re big fans of having a marketing strategy here at Sherpa Digital. But, they’re often seen as a ‘nice to have’ and something thats often not given a second thought. No matter what the size of your business, whether you’re a sole trader, operating from the kitchen table through to employing hundreds […]

How and when to use hashtags to drive more engagement in 2019

A question I often get asked is on the subject of hashtags. Even though they’ve been around since start of Twitter back on 2006, there still seems to be confusion over best practice. So i thought i’d help clear up any confusion with a quick guide to hashtags. Firstly, there’s no hard and fast rules […]

5 tips to growing your social media following in 2019

Whilst organic reach has taken a serious blow in the last 12 months with various algorithm updates from Facebook and Instagram, a trend that’s been continuing for a numbers of years, there is still merit in growing your organic audience. Well crafted, engaging content can still punch above its weight, even without a strategy that […]