The race to win a new customer isn’t won with a single blog post, a single video, a single radio advert, a single networking event or single social media post. The customer is won by consistently turning up EVERY DAY with some form of content aimed at your target prospect. The keyword here is consistently.

Why? Because that way, when the customer is ready to buy, you’ll be front and centre in their mind. But, it’s not enough just to be front of mind, you also need to solve their problems and tell them how you’ll do this in your content. If you can do both well, you’ve got a great chance of winning their business.

What can consistency do for your business?

Today, I got in touch with an accountancy firm to talk accounts (yep, I know, can’t wait!). I’ve not needed their services for years since i’d been employed on a permanent basis and hadn’t needed to file tax returns.

What made me contact them? Simple, I see their content everywhere – on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on YouTube and even display advertising on Google’s network. They’re consistent, they show up and they produce great content that speaks to me about my problems. That’s what puts them front and centre in my mind.

Forget the 5-7 touchpoints nonsense

Personally, I don’t preach the marketing bullshit about 5-7 touch points, that’s marketing from a bygone age. What is clear, is having a strategy that is built around consistency.

You might strike it lucky on the first go and hook a customer in, but like this business, it might take a lot longer. What is clear though, if they didn’t produce content I would have forgotten them by now and they’ll have left food on the table for their competitors.

Here’s what you need to do to win more business.

  • Consistently write blogs on your website
  • Consistently guest blog for others
  • Consistently produce video content
  • Consistently comment on social media
  • Consistently post on social media
  • Consistently advertise wherever works for you

And the great news is most of the above is free! It just takes some time, patience and effort on your behalf as consistency doesn’t happen overnight.

Just be consistent!

Oh and remember to stand out.

So, ask yourself. Are you showing up consistently? Because honestly, if you’re not, you’re leaving the food on the table for your competitors. Time to sharpen up your content strategy and get consistent.

(Oh and i’m sure you want to know the accountants that are killing it with content right? Baranov Associates. Check them out!)

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