When it comes to writing a marketing there are some key elements that add massive value. The key to a great strategy is the research, so we thought we give you the inside track as to what are our ‘must haves’ when devising a marketing strategy.


Understanding who your audience are is vital to writing a killer strategy. There’s lots of methods of finding this out if you don’t have this information. Look at your existing customer data through your CRM. Where are they based? Are the male or female? How old are they? You can then take their postcode and a service such as Acorn to segment your audience even further, giving you robust personas that will form the core of your marketing strategy.

Situation analysis

Understanding where your business is now is a critical part of the marketing strategy process. The situation analysis will often go much deeper than just what’s happening in the business, it will take into account political, environmental and economic factors. Understanding what’s happening in the wider world is important to factor in when making strategy decisions.


Stating your objects clearly is at the core of marketing strategy and will define success. How else will you know whether your strategy has been successful? Objectives should follows the SMART principal, namely Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time measured. This is also the perfect part of the strategy to define the metrics that will indicate success, just make sure they’re not vanity based metrics.

Actions and tactics

What micro tactics and actions are you going to use to execute your strategy? Defining what these are will help you create the marketing plan for each quarter during the year. What tactics will you be using for each channel defined in your strategy?


The final vital key element of a great strategy is measurement. How will you know whether you have met your key objectives? What tools will you be using to measure success? It’s good practice to create a summary at the end of each quarter in the year on performance. Good places to go to for measurement will be tools like Google Analytics, any company financial dashboards you have and social media native reporting dashboards.

In summary

These are the five (in our opinion) most important aspects of a killer marketing strategy. Nail these and you’ll be well on your way to creating a marketing strategy that will fire up your business for success.

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