I was first introduced to TNTs during a stay at a Red Carnation Hotel in London. The term then reappeared in a Podcast by Mark Mcculloch (Food and Drink Marketing Specialist) when he was interviewing the MD of the hotel group, Jonathan Raggett.

Firstly, what are TNTs?

The term simply stands for Tiny Noticeable Things. They’re the neat personal touches that businesses do for their customers when they’re least expecting it. The impact it can have on that customer can be truly amazing and turn them from a passive customer into a loyal raving fan.

What impact can TNTs have on your business?

When done right, TNTs can have a big impact on your business, and in many cases pay for themselves many times over in customer referrals and retention. Think about the last time you got a little freebie or a personalised gift from a business, bet you felt pretty chuffed right? I’m sure you either took to social with a picture of the gift or mentioned it to a friend.

What TNTs could you do in your business today?

TNTs work best when they’re least expected, are well thought out, and of course add value to the recipient in some way. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A simple handwritten Thank You card
  • Flowers or chocolates
  • Box of cookies or brownies
  • Branded promotional gift
  • Food stuff i.e. artisan coffee or tea
  • Alcohol!

Remember to think personal, the more personalised to the customer the better. TNTs don’t need to be expensive, just unexpected and given with sincerity.

So, what can you do in your business today to thank a loyal customer and build an even deeper relationship with them, turning them from passive to big time referrer.

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