5 tips to growing your social media following in 2019

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Whilst organic reach has taken a serious blow in the last 12 months with various algorithm updates from Facebook and Instagram, a trend that’s been continuing for a numbers of years, there is still merit in growing your organic audience.

Well crafted, engaging content can still punch above its weight, even without a strategy that involves putting budget behind your social media efforts.

Here, we present out five tips for growing your social media following.

  1. Make sure you’re consistent. Post regularly on each of your platforms but avoid over posting
  2. Create your own branded content, avoid use of stock images where possible.
  3. Use hashtags where appropriate. Find trending hashtags and use in your posts on Instagram and Twitter, use very sparingly on Facebook.
  4.  Quality over quantity. Spend time curating content that your audience will want to engage with. Social currency is important, people want to share great content.
  5. Engage with your community. Make sure that comments don’t go un-responded to. Build loyalty and engagement with your community and others will follow.

There you have it, five very quick tips on how you can grow your following on any of the social media channels.

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